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Mentorship. Networking. Resources.

 Need to know Released Time rules? Employ time-tested best practices? 



  • Make presentations

  • Field a skilled consultant team

  • Connect to School Ministries

  • Explain constitutional issues

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  • Provide updates and guidance

  • Create custom resources

  • Supply leaders presentation tools

  • Offer conferences and events



  • Establish mentors and networks 

  • Troubleshoot problems

  • Develop prayer teams

  • Provide seed money grants



School Ministries Ohio is here for you! Executive Director Jennifer Miller and our team of Regional Consultants are available to share a presentation tailored to your community including 6 Steps to Start a released time program in YOUR school district.


Do you have questions? We have answers!

What is Released Time?

Where do we begin?

How can we develop a strong prayer team?

What resources can help us show RTBE is legal?

What does this mission cost and how do we raise funds?

How can we get churches aware and engaged?

Learn more.
Let others know.

Want to reach out to others in your community? Research next steps?

Get details on how to start, support, and maintain your Released Time Bible classes. We supplement personal guidance with Ohio-specific resources to help you through the process of offering RT with excellence. Contact us to take advantage of these resources:


Need more info?

Check out some other sources that may help you.

(Nation's largest RTBE association)

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